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Queen Jelly Royal® is the American product to elevate body energy and focus, and reduce fatigue and stress in addition to improving Sexual Health and Hardening Erection.

 Queen Jelly Royal®  is indicated to :

  • Improve erectile function and sexual health.
  • Energize body and decrease fatigue.
  • Boost alertness, memory and concentration.
  • Elevate immunity and protect against some cancers.
  • Protect Cardiovascular system.


Queen Jelly Royal®  contains the following Active Ingredients:

  • Pure American Royal Jelly
  • Yohimbine 10 mg.
  • Ginseng extract 200 mg.
  • Wheat Germ Oil 100 mg.
  • Garlic Extract 60 mg.


1-2 capsules daily

(preferably after breakfast or lunch).




Saudi FDA Registration Number: 2002-1115-3


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