Aplefit Plus® is special product for weight loss and slimming from Eckhart corp., USA.


Aplefit Plus® has 3 Active Ingredients for weight loss:


  • Apple Cider Vinegar 80 mg.
  • Chitosan 500 mg.
  • Kelp Extract 33 mg.


Aplefit Plus® The Active Ingredients in Aplefit Plus®  ensure:


  • Satiety and loss of appetite.
  • Blocking of fat absorption and decrease
  • cholesterol levels.
  • Accelerating body fats burning.
  • Improving of defecation and help to treat constipation.


Using Aplefit Plus® ensures a lot of extra benefits like:


  • Decrease sugar levels specially for diabetes patients.
  • Stimulate the thyroid gland.
  • Decrease harmful cholesterol levels inside body.
  • Prevent fat deposition and storage inside fatty tissues.
  • Help in treatment of infertility, rheumatism & arthritis caused by obesity.



1-2 capsules daily before major meals by 30 minutes.



Saudi FDA Registration Number:14-1115-2018

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