Eckhart Omega® 3,6,9 Plus Q10  is special American product, composed

of 4 Essential Active Ingredients:

Omega 3

Omega  6 

Omega  9



1000 mg (Plant Origin with no fishy odor)


Eckhart Omega® 3,6,9 Plus Q10 is indicated for:


  • Cardiovascular protection & reduces risk of heart attacks.
  • Maternal Health and fetus formation during pregnancy.
  • Age related mental disorders and improves mental health.
  • Nerve damage caused by diabetes (diabetic neuropathy).
  • Aging of human cells and muscle weakness.
  • Treatment of vision disorders.
  • Migraine treatment and protection.
  • Fertility in males and females.




One capsule Daily (or as prescribed by physician)


Saudi FDA Registration number :16-1115-2018


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